Single Testimonials

I sought out Orietta for hypnotherapy sessions to help with anxiety, stress and weight loss. Orietta has a lovely quiet manner which has a very calming effect. Her audio tapes have been of great help to me as I can play them back when feeling stressed. I can thoroughly recommend Orietta as a therapist. She has helped me enormously.
Ruth Smart
I booked some hypnotherapy sessions to reduce anxiety. I am feeling so much more confident after just 3 sessions. They were a great combination of letting go of old emotions, and tasks to do to reduce anxiety in the future. Orietta really listened to the problems I was having, and created a programme that was tailor made for my circumstances. This really made me feel like I was in control of the sessions.
Sam B.
I contacted Orietta to seek help with confidence and weight loss. At first I was sceptical and hesitant because I wasn’t sure I could allow myself to open up fully and let down so many barriers, however after a few sessions I found myself pleasantly surprised. Orietta helped me realise with each sessions how to deal with self-doubt, negative feelings and lack of self-worth which put me into a series of self-destructive habits. Things haven’t magically disappeared but I know how to deal with them in constructive ways. I have reached my goal weight and overcome my bingeing habits. Orietta gave me support, taught me a set of new skills to use if I feel down or if I want to eat when I am not hungry. She helped me portray myself with much more confidence. . Thank you so much Orietta, I am step by step moving forward to a more positive future.
Rachel Pritchard
I wanted to stop my lifelong fascination with procrastination. I have known Orietta for some time through other work so already knew and trusted her. I do believe the hypnosis has helped, and what I loved about Orietta’ s approach was that She explained I needed to work at change and it had to come from me but also more importantly She gave me a plan and different strategies to help. I also have a recording from our sessions so I can regularly listen to Orietta and get a much needed top up!
I know have a number of ways of stopping myself from putting jobs off. I do find myself drifting back into old habits, so can’t say this is a magic cure but I know how to stop it now and soon get myself back on the straight and narrow which is fantastic. I would recommend trying hypnotherapy and I would also recommend Orietta, her approach is great but you do have to want to change!!
Simon Hadley