Past life regression in Chester – Cheshire

Past life regression is an hypnosis technique to generally go back to earlier memories of when a person was in the womb or to past lives. There are different beliefs with regard to this technique.

Here at Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Cheshire, we use past life regression, hypnosis as well as hypnotherapy to help clients personal as well as health challenges. Normally the clients who undergo this form of therapy have some belief that reincarnation exists. They also believe in karma or are spiritual although having these beliefs it is not necessarily needed in order for the therapy to be effective.

Who normally wants to have a past life regression hypnosis or hypnotherapy?past life regression cheshire

Generally speaking there isn’t a particular criteria as to who can have the therapy as it is a very safe process similar to any other hypnotherapy sessions. Normally clients who approach it want to experience something new and they come out of curiosity. It is generally undertaken by people who seek a profound spiritual experience or for psychotherapeutic purposes i.e. to let go of past trauma. Since regression therapy works through the blockages of the subconscious mind, it can form part of a therapy plan to uncover beliefs that may make no sense, get over some hurdles, negative thoughts and behaviours that don’t respond to standard therapy.

Past Life Regression (PLR) could be the key to your subconscious mind that helps you finally break down the barriers and helps you in the achievement of your objectives and goals.

When is past life regression (PLR) useful in therapy?

Hypnotherapy for past life regression provides healing through the release of past negative emotions which can form blockages in your subconscious mind  because of past events and memories that are stored but that we may not be consciously aware of. By remembering stored memories and feelings, a release takes place which can help you move on in a much more positive way. PLR or past life regression can successfully be part of a therapeutic program because you will be able to forgive yourself and others for past events and this leads you to heal relationships and establish new ones in a much more balanced and harmonious way. This is due to the fact that past blockages and negative emotions are released from our subconscious past memories.

Spiritual Past Last Regression

For many people past life regression holds an ancestral fascination and curiosity. Maybe you feel a specific association with an historic period or place which you don’t know how to make sense of in this life. You may be just be interested or curious and want to try it out.

Past life regression as part of a family tree

Some people have a specific interest in past life regression because they are building a family tree and want to find out if there are connection to what they are finding. Others want for a loved one to experience it and give it as part of a gift along with a family tree.

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