Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for binge eating in Chester – Cheshire

Want the ultimate Hypnotherapy Mindfulness Binge Eating solution  in Chester Cheshire? – Then you are on the right platform for effective results.

Binge Eating is a  condition that is common with people with eating disorders and consists in consuming large volumes of food even when they are not hungry.

It is quite common for binges to be done in secret, especially when there is shame and low confidence and there are big quantities of food being consumed.

Right here at our Cheshire office, we provide a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for Binge Eating along with coaching and NLP. The sessions that will help you address the reasons for the binge behaviour, and will support you find new ways of dealing with the unwanted behaviour so that you can take back full charge of his or her eating habits.

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for binge eating are not a magic cure!

Normally we all want to have lost the weight already, maybe for a magic potion to do the trick and for us not to have to make real long lasting changes. This is not possible! Not even with hypnotherapy and mindfulness because they will help you, they will provide  you with new insight, with new strategies but you still have to make the change in your eating habits and you still have to exercise to maintain your new weight. So they are not a magic cure but they support you and give you focus, motivation and determination to move forward to your ideal weight and to your happiness.

Why we binge eat

For every problem, there is a foundation and there are a number of conditions that may trigger a person to binge. From observations, it is common for people who try at cutting off their calories, to suffer from eating disorders and this is due to the fact that long term calorie restraint is very hard to put up with – thereby building up the urge for the person to binge.

There are several other occasions that trigger the condition and these include but not limited to the following:

  • Someone Suffering from Anxiety or Stress Levels: A person who feels edgy or out of control or even fearful may opt for such eating methods as a way of self-distraction from the fundamental issue. In the course of a binge, the individual distances from the main problem but the situation resurfaces once the overeating is concluded with.
  • Self-Esteem Issues: When a person doesn’t like much of how he or she looks like.  This could spring up a striving for looking good thru very restricting weight loss regimes which can then trigger the person to binge.
  • And then if someone has suffered from Bulimia or Anorexia before – such person is very likely to suffer from such disorder.

Note that people who have issues with Binge Eating Disorders are found to gain vast amounts of weight in relatively a small amount of time.

Our Binge Eating Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Cheshire sessions are the ideal and long term way to stop the problem. Right in our office in Chester, Cheshire – we offer you a combination of weight loss and confidence building through hypnotherapy and mindfulness to help you take back charge of your eating habits.

The sessions are normally one week apart. And every session lasts exactly an hour, depending on other factors after initial consultation and assessment. When we carry out the primary session of the Binge Eating Hypnotherapy program in Cheshire – we will spend time with you looking into the case history and addressing other likely emotional issues that could be contributing to the situation. We will also go on to conduct suggestive hypnosis where required in this session. This is to help you get acquainted with the deep relaxation that is involved in the exercise of hypnotherapy.

If you are unable to attend our Hypnotherapy Mindfulness for binge eating in Chester, we can provide you the session online via Skype or Face Time so that you can have exactly the same benefit.

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