Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Cheshire works with managers, business owners, employees in a variety of ways to help reduce the barriers to more productivity and happiness.

“A happy employee, business owner and executive results in a more prosperous business!”


So how can hypnosis work in the business environment?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in the context of business and career. It helps managers, executives, business owners to:

  • Become more efficient and productive.
  • Beat procrastination
  • Public speaking
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Anger Management
  • Confidence

We use a combination of a variety of skills which vary from coaching, NLP, Mindfulness and hypnosis depending on the individual needs. Our program are completely customised to each individual client.

At Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Cheshire we help you overcome the barriers that may hinder your

success in a professional and confidential way. We listen and support you making the transition

because we know that at times it may be difficult to remove things that are buried deep down and

that we may even not be aware of. We teach you new skills that will empower you to make and

sustain the change.

We see clients at our location and online via skype and facetime.

Please contact us for a brief non obligational chat on 0771 5317142 or via our emailoriettamindfulnesshypnotherapycheshire-co-uk